At this time, Rotary House Retreat is navigating some rather detailed administrative and structural changes that will solidify and clarify our mission, vision, and goals.  When this process is completed, we will be known by a different name, but will provide the same specialized services and retreat opportunities to First Responders in need. 

Regrettably, we will not be conducting our spring retreat scheduled for March, but we are accepting applications NOW for our fall retreat scheduled for October 20-25.

During this transitional time, we continue to dedicate ourselves to  serving First Responders who are struggling with the stress- and trauma-related symptoms associated with the public safety professions.


There is HELP.  There is HOPE.



Although the First Responder is the focus of care at Rotary House Retreat, RHR also offers support to Significant Others and Spouses (SOSs) who may be affected by their loved one’s critical incidents (resulting in secondary or vicarious trauma), but may also be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety and are in need support.  Significant Others and Spouses may have their own trauma histories, which may be re-activated when their loved ones experience a traumatic event.

The SOS Support meeting takes place during the time of the retreat.  The meeting encompasses a wide range of topics including the RHR program the First Responder is attending and mental wellness while providing a needed support network for the SOS.  Through the knowledge gained at the meeting and connections made with other SOSs in the first responder community, SOSs will better understand what their First Responder has experienced on the job, at the retreat, and how they can provide the support their loved one will need when they return home.

The meeting is hosted by Regina Pryor, wife of lost Bakersfield Police Officer Sergeant Tom Pryor.  Through Regina’s experience as a spouse of a police officer, she brings her own understanding of the unique struggles and needs of first responder families.

An informational flyer is provided to the Guest as part of the "Welcome Packet" they receive after their formal assessment, yet preceding the retreat itself.  Due to confidentiality, it is the choice of the Guest whether to share the information, including meeting details, about the SOS program with their loved ones.